My first writing piece!

I finished my writing piece!  I received very good feedback from the other people in the writing group.  And as always, my grammar needed a lot of improvement.  However, I’m done with the piece, and I’m happy with the result.  We will now wait for the winners to be announced!


Guide to build a SOLID story plot

I have started putting words to paper for my story.  It is so much harder than I thought.  The topic of the writing piece is “First Encounter”.  So I kept toying with the idea of how I met my fiance.  However, nothing is coming out of it.

Then I stumbled upon this article recommended by Joanna Penn.  It’s called “A Step-by-step guide to build your story’s plot” by Patrick Moreau.  It felt like a ray of light broke through the clouds after I read this article!  In order to tell a good story, Patrick mentioned that you need to develop a strong Continue reading

Book writing journey

A week ago, I stumbled upon this article by Tim Ferriss. He interviewed Michael Ellsberg, who talked about getting into the work force through informal training. What Michael was trying to say is that, through developing your skills and through proper networking, you can get into certain positions of the workforce even if you don’t have a college degree. He offered 8 steps to follow, and included timelines for each action. Following this, you would move from finding an area you are interested in, to learning about the area of interest, to networking with people and offering help to others. At the end of the process, you would be able to sell your service and build your own business.

At the end of the article, Michael offered a contest. He challenged people to go through the process, and document the experience in a brand new blog. On the deadline date, Michael would choose the one to mentor personally for six months. However, the contest’s deadline was dated 2011. So I was disappointed that it was an old post.

However, I am inspired to follow this guideline. I don’t encourage people to drop out of college/university.  I had always liked to try new things. For example making my crochet doll projects, baking macarons, or needle felting dolls. However, all these projects tend to only last a very short period of time. Or what we Chinese would say, “three minute heat”. I like learning those things, however once I feel I have gotten a hang of it, it doesn’t inspire me anymore. I felt like something is missing.

Recently, I stumbled across Chandler Bolt’s Self Publishing School. It is an online course about book writing. He hosted a 11 day summit, where he invited a number of speakers to talk about writing, marketing and monetizing through self publishing books. All the speakers were very inspiring. One of the speakers is called Joanna Penn. I went to her blog, and came upon an interview she did. She talked about how she got started as a writer, the progress and changes that happened in her life. I am very inspired by this. And I would like to see where this will lead me.