Guide to build a SOLID story plot

I have started putting words to paper for my story.  It is so much harder than I thought.  The topic of the writing piece is “First Encounter”.  So I kept toying with the idea of how I met my fiance.  However, nothing is coming out of it.

Then I stumbled upon this article recommended by Joanna Penn.  It’s called “A Step-by-step guide to build your story’s plot” by Patrick Moreau.  It felt like a ray of light broke through the clouds after I read this article!  In order to tell a good story, Patrick mentioned that you need to develop a strong CORE QUESTION.  The plot’s job is to create that question in your readers’ minds, and move them along the story, so that they will find out the answer to the question at the end.  The core question has three parts.  The first is “ask”, or the question itself, which is born out of a conflict/challenge.  The second is “acceptance”, where the character accepts the challenge. Then finally is the “answer”, or the resolution.  In order to avoid losing the audience’s attention, the best ratio between the ask, acceptance, and answer is 25:50:25.  Patrick also listed out 6 universal conflicts.  One must identify this conflict in order to create strong characters.  For the list of the conflicts, you can refer to #5 in his article.

After reading this, I finally understood why it is that my initial idea of meeting my fiance did not really work.  Because no conflict existed.  Now, I have to figure out what conflict I would like to write about.  If you’re having difficulty writing a story like me, I highly recommend reading through this article!


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