E-Squared by Pam Grout

Today, I want to talk about this book called E-Squared by Pam Grout.  She also wrote the book called E-Cubed, which is a sequel to E-Squared. I read it back in Aug 2015.  In this book, she talks about aligning yourself to the Field of Potentiality, or FP.  It is basically an invisible energy field that has the ability to influence the physical aspects of the world.  You get what you focus on.  The words you use, and the thoughts you think, create your reality.

In this book, there are 9 experiments listed.  One of them was to ask the FP to show you what you want to see.  I asked the FP to show me butterflies, which was suggested in the book, within the next 48 hours.  I thought..

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Inkscape drawing tutorial videos

I have been working on some colouring pages.  However, I am not a good illustrator at all.  I’d been learning Inkscape because I cannot install Adobe Creative cloud on my my 2009 iMac.  I searched on youtube for Inkscape tutorials, and found this video by Jason Welsh, and this video by Steve Farnsworth.  They are super helpful!  The video by Jason is about the free-hand tool, and the one by Steve is the use of bezier tool.  It surely took some practice for the bezier tool.  However, once I got a hang of it,  I was able to freely outline what I needed to create my own drawings.  If you have Inkscape and want to learn more about these two tools, check out the two videos!

Colouring journals?

I was getting frustrated with the illustrations a few days ago.  So instead of working on the book, I did some readings and came across Kirsten Joy’s Journal Design Basics course.  I cannot believe what I saw!  Ideas started coming to my head!  I can do a colouring journal?!  I am thinking of doing a colouring travel journal.  How cool would that be?  I am now super excited, and will start working on it!


For the past few weeks, I started to come up with a story/workbook for kids.  Since it’s close to Christmas, I want to write something that includes an adventure with Santa.  In Jay Boyer’s course, he suggested to use Fiverr to find illustrators.  However, my book will be heavily based on illustrations, and Kristen Joy said to never use Fiverr if you want your work to be competitive in the market.  I looked up illustrators, but they seem to charge a lot up front.  I wish I can draw the illustrations myself.  So I don’t need to depend on other people…

Book publishing

From all the research and learning about book writing, I stumbled upon some information on self-publishing for books.  In order to publish your own book, it’s feels so involved.  There are so much information available, it’s extremely overwhelming.  However, this person called Kristen Joy seems to know what she is talking about.  It says she has a lot of experience in the book publishing business.  She has this course called Book Publishing Ninja.  So I am opening my mind to see what she has to say!